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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a mail that could launch a thousand smiles

it's 2 am now, i know... but I just have to write this entry.

after and hour or so of packing, i decided to send krysse a picture from mimi's bday party.... and voila!!! right in front of me, finally, an email from someone so dear. i've been telling a couple of friends how i haven't heard from him in months and he never even sent a greeting on my bday. well, well, well.... he read my mind.

i am sooooo happy. i'm smiling even while writing this and i know i will continue to smile till my lips are tired.

to you, thanks. hell, u sure made my day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

will and grace..... wag wag wag

i am so thrilled!!! i rediscovered one of my all time fave tv series, Will and Grace! it is wickedly H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Will, Grace, Jack and Karen bombard their audiences with just nothing but top grade wit and sense of humor. This is my most favourite scene.

Jack and Karen's famous credit card scene...

Jack: acts like swiping the credit between Karen's boobs
Karen: 'Denied'
Jack: acts like swiping the credit between Karen's boobs (2nd time)
Karen: 'Denied'
Jack: acts like swiping the credit card 'in' Karen's butt
Karen: 'Approve!'

I recommend it to all of you. It's the perfect fill to an otherwise lousy evening or boring sunday.

i wanna be a dutch milkmaid

my colleagues and i were off to hunt for the best national costumes we could wear to our department's dinner to be held next week. i was actually thinking of donning a dutch milkmaid's costume. it wasn't a spur of the moment choice. for some time now i had always pictured myself in a milkmaid's dress: the detailed colourful top (preferably with something floral), apron, skirt, head scarf and wooden shoes! haha. i was prolly one in my past life. just imagine me in a dutch countryside, with of course a windmill in the background, milking cows. wait, how exactly could these women milk cows in these dresses? that's another story.

there were a gazillion of options: thai, filipino, spanish, mexican, egyptian, korean, japanese, chinese, and a whole lot more. mitch found herself this shiny goldish egyptian costume a.k.a cleopatra. marlon chose for himself the celtic look, the bagpipe is still missing though. odette, like me, is still looking for that perfect costume.

we were all astonished at how much rental for these clothes cost but heck we seldom get to dress up like this. this rare occurence justifies the amount.

i couldn't quite put my finger on the right costume. no eureka moment, special connection whatsoever. i want something bright and jolly! something that screams funky! blimey, the hunt is definitely not over yet. i still have exactly a week to pick out that fabulous costume! wish me luck!


a pleasant surprise i found in the myriad of clothes and accessories was uncle sam's hat. yeap, that classic hat! ain't it cute? hmmm.....maybe an all american printed bikini and uncle sam's hat would make a perfect costume, watya reckon? =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

mah' men!

friends, lovers and countrymen..... let me introduce you to mah' men.

yummy happy meal! oooh-la-la!

and here is my IDEAL man...

i am utterly speechless!

*wink* *drool* *faint* *die*

after a long day's work...

...i wish i could be pampered with an aromatherapy massage
...i wish i could devour one pint of extremely good ice cream
...i wish i could down a 1L mug of Paulaner Weisbier
...i wish i could jet off to Maldives & spend the night there
...i wish i could empty my mind of the day's events
...i wish i could fly and feel so carefree
...i wish i could have a late night date with Brad Pitt
...i wish i could disapparate into Harry's or Alice's world
...i wish i could 'cuddle, cuddle' with someone special
...i wish someone would tickle my feet until i fall asleep
...i wish someone would give me a long soft wet kiss

stop...enough of this! i'm wondering off to neverland again.

but who wouldn't object to these after a gruelling day at work?

absolutely nobody.

Friday, November 28, 2008

vertigo: taking me to new heights

i've been on medical leave for two days now. vertigo attack again. this time the doctor has strongly advised me to take some R-E-S-T and drink my medication diligently. quoting him verbatim, 'i'm giving you everything, do your part: rest and fluids.' actually, i was very hesitant to take time off work coz i had a gazillion things to do. my doctor made me feel guilty by going on and on about how we should take care of our body and the repercussions if we don't. the last time i went to see a doctor about the same sickness, she didn't quite explain why i had it in the first place. she just prescribed meds that i ought to take. my newfound doctor explained the root cause of the sickness, i had a lot of fluid in my ears and my tonsils are swollen. i never even noticed these symptoms. anyways, i hope i feel better with all the meds he's prescribed me. i certainly hate waking up feeling like the room is swirling.


last wednesday, i had dinner with uni peeps. we ate at Marche. twas my first time there. just loved the theme! we then headed to brotzeit afterwards. Drew had his 1L mug of german weisbier. the mug was just adorable. you see, i have this thing for beer glasses or mugs & mats. i started collecting them when i lived in poland. i have all kinds of sizes and shapes but..... i don't have any 1L mug yet! now i'm hell bent on adding that to my collection. brotzeit, beware a mug thief is on her way!!!! hehe.


since i was 'resting' today, i decided to cook tuna pasta for lunch. it's been a loooong time since i last cooked pasta (the last was when I still lived in taman jurong). i did my laundry soon after and had a nice long relaxing shower! i really can't shake off the housewifey side of me. since i still had so much time on my hands, i asked my roomies if they wanted to stroll and picnic at east coast. it's literally just across the road from our condo complex. much to my surprise, our landlord had already taken the key for the private gate just right behind our block (we've asked him for months now). without the key, we had to go around the whole stretch of lagoon view and laguna park. this time it was only a 10-min stroll. thanks to clarence for making our east coast park visits so much easier. armed with books, shawls and gadgets we enjoyed the late afternoon picnic-ing by the beach, observing hundreds of NS men marching in the area (while also picking out, in Ruby's vocab, cute "kublai khan" descendents. in layman's term, cute chinese guys) , swapping stories and admiring the beautiful sunset.


despite the vertigo problem... what a beautiful day it has been. i felt rejuvenated.

c'est la vie!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

of little things that amuse oneself

it's getting late and i'm obviously still stuck in the office. HP, HP, HP.... it's about the only thing that's occupying my spacious brain right now. i'm extremely exhausted, but as the singaporeans would say, 'what to do lah? must work wat.' so here i am, typing away... the only temporary escape i have from the mundaneness of everyday worklife are these two brightly colored cartoon toys which i rightly placed under my monitor. power puff girl (i dunno which one of them exactly) and didi (from dexter's lab) never fail to amuse me in times of stress. mapet got them from McDonald's happy meal. since they look so adorable i couldn't resist to bring them as the artsy fartsy deco for my office desk. everytime i set my eyes on them, i am reminded that there is so much more outside work like taking delight in life's simple pleasures! i admit that i am a child at heart! it's not something to be embarassed about. it is one way of keeping my age at bay.

oh well, let me just get back to staring at my two li'l toys. i need my temporary stress relievers =)